People who need to communicate with their home office or remote network need to do so in a secure fashion. With Virtual Private Networking (VPN) this is possible. We have two solutions we currently use for VPN traffic. The first is installing one of our custom Firewall appliances on both ends of the VPN tunnel. This ensures that traffice beteween the two devices and networks are secure. We also have another solution that works very well even if you are already behind a firewall. We can install a VPN client on as many nodes as you need and create an unlimited number of different networks. Our solution provides both Hub and Spoke or Mesh topography. Share files and folders as if you were on the local network. Let WebKraft control who has access to your network with our control panel. When you no longer want a person to have VPN access we can disable their account without changing anything else. This way you always know who is allowed to be on your VPN network. Here are some reasons to use a VPN





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