WebKraft has partnered with Nest to bring you a wide variety of home automation devices that will save you money, add security to your home, and offer piece of mind while you are away. Currently Nest offers three different products that can integrate with other devices that are available now and in the future. The Smart Thermostat learns your heating and cooling habits, learns when you are home or away, and can even work to slowly bring the temperature to where you want it during off peak hours saving you money. The Nest Protect is a Carbon Monoxide / Smoke detector that links to other Protect devices wirelessly and reports what they sense verbally before an alarm even goes off. The Drop Cam gives you an HD view of the room in darkness or in light along with audio. All of these devices talk to the Nest App on your smart phone or tablet to report what is going on. Learn more by going to Nest.com but call WebKraft when you are ready to place an order or install any devices.

Smart Thermostat dropcam




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